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To kick off this page with something simple that needs little explanation or comments, here’s a free download of a poster that I created with the help of the very talented We have put this together earlier this year because it struck me that I needed something simple that would provide most of my clients in ‘your usual friendly neighbourhood integrated health clinic’ with an overview of a lot of the things that they could do to lay a good foundation for their health, happiness, or recovery.

Most of this is pretty straightforward I think, so here’s an A4 poster and A3 poster that you are more than welcome to use freely.

I have printed both of these formats on slightly better paper (300gsm) and have been giving these out to clients for the better part of this year in whatever size they preferred. It’s been a nice way to continue thinking about and sharing a small part of my doctoral research in somewhat of a lighter way throughout the year after its conclusion. More in-depth writings and other material are in the works at the moment, but this makes for a good start. Hope you enjoy.

Best wishes,

Filip Marić (PhD)