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What the face of the other asks for is not the inauthentic and inauthentifying solicitude with which I substitute my skills for his, take over her tasks for her, view the landscape for him, formulate the answers to the questions in her stead. He does not seek his or her contentment in the content that will satisfy his needs and wants, which I can supply from my place and my resources and with my skills – the contentment which, when he has been displaced by me and disburdened of his own tasks, will leave him only the weight and depth of the inorganic. In seeking the support of my upright stand on the earth, the agile luminousness that shines in my eyes, the warmth in my hands, the ardour in my face and the spirituality in my breath. The other seeks the pleasure that is enjoyment in, involution and the dying in, the elemental. The other seeks the contact and the accompaniment (Alphonso Lingis, 1994, The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common, p. 131-132).





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